My parents, my nephews, and I usually go to Centris in Quezon Avenue to go to SIDCOR Sunday Market right after hearing mass.

For the first time, my mom decided to have breakfast at Jollibee located in Eton Centris instead of going elsewhere since our main destination was there as well.

I ordered their Breakfast Joy Meal of two piece Longganisa with pancakes and Hot Chocolate and my nephew ordered 1 piece spicy chicken with rice and regular drink.

For my mom and my dad to avail their senior cards, transactions should be done separately as suggested by the cashier/crew which was being supervised by her Manager (Literally standing right next to her).

When they have already punched our first order, the next order was Corned Beef Meal with soft drink, two large flavored fries, and Hash Brown Burger.

When I was about to get the first order, I was surprised that the Counter Crew asked me what was my nephew’s order together with the 2pc. Longganisa with Pancake Meal. I tried to kept my cool because few days ago, my friends and I talked about how nasty people in the restaurant or Food business do to their customers’ meals if they were treated roughly. I asked the lady how come she wasn’t able to punched our order earlier. She explained to me (Manager was still standing beside her) that for my mom to avail the Senior Discount, she needs to punch the order first before punching other orders. That to me was unacceptable. That was the first time that I heard that kind of explanation. Most restaurants, they punch everything including the order of a Senior Citizen but when they are about to tally everything, they will just deduct 20% on the Senior’s order.

Again, I tried to compose myself and politely answer her question. I thought it was the end of their bad service but it didn’t. It took them like 20 minutes to serve the Spicy Chicken and two large flavored fries. Well, if I didn’t stand up and go to the counter, they could have forgotten it. After I went to the counter, that was the time I saw the service crew and the manager frying the fries. Geez! I can’t believe that they could screw up at this early. And to think the place wasn’t even packed. What if it was? I could imagine a lot of customer will pile up and insist that they speak to the one in-charged.

My nephew was half way finishing his meal when he noticed that the chicken that they served was not spicy. We decided not to complain anymore but when he asked where his Hash Brown Burger, I stood up once more and asked the crew.

To our surprise, she went to our table and asked for the receipt. I told her that she didn’t give any receipt to my mother since she said that they need the receipt for documentation. Oh my God! My temper was about to burst but I kept calm.

After 15 minutes, they delivered my nephew’s Hash Brown Burger and I decided to stand up and leave the place before I will start saying bad things about how poor their service is and the Manager didn’t do anything to make it right to think he was standing right next to her. He was also there when I stood up twice just to remind them of my order.

I failed to asked the Manager’s name but it was October 2, 2011. Probably they have a record who was the Manager that time.

Their service really sucked. The way they handle Senior Citizens’ transactions and the way they take orders. They are so preoccupied in up selling. They don’t want to let the customer finish first their order before adding or asking anything. They tend to butt in the middle of ordering so the result, they fail to get your order completely.

I told my mother that never again we’ll have breakfast there. It kind of ruined your entire day if you start your day negatively. I just hope they’ll do something about this before a lot of customers would notice how bad their service is.