My parents are already on their senior…well, senior citizens to be exact.  The only time that my parents can relax and really unwind is the time that they will be able to watch a movie (inside the cinema) for free.

I am happy to hear that Senior Citizens not only get discounts on food, transportation, and medicine but they are also privileged to watch movies for free every Monday and Tuesday from first screening until 5 PM.

For the past months, or probably a year already, my parents usually go to SM City North Edsa because it is accessible from our place and my dad is already familiar with the way and the parking area.  My dad is already in his seventies and he doesn’t like complicated parking areas.

Last week, my mom complained to me because for the longest time that they have been going there at SM City North Edsa to watch movie, even if I literally begged them to just go to Trinoma which is just across it, their choices of free movies were trimmed down to two options.  They know that the latest movies can’t be seen for free yet but that is not the issue here.  The issue was why did they cut down the choices to two?  Also, who in the world would watch a movie on a Monday morning when almost everybody is at work or school?

They let the incident go because it seems the attendant wasn’t well-trained to answer their inquiries.  However, last Monday, June 25, 2012, my parents went back there to do their usual routine.  To their surprise, the same free movie last week was the only available movies for this week also.  I think that is pure cheating.  Why would they do this to old people?  What a shame!

When they asked the attendant, all she could utter was “Ganun po talaga e.”  In translation, that is just how it is so you better live with it.  She was lucky that my parents are not the time who make a scene and demand in a very loud voice.  What they did, they went to Trinoma even if they have to walk.

It was a good thing that they did because it was worth the trip.  My parents appreciated the cinemas at Trinoma even more because they could watch almost all the movies there for free.  They said that the seats were very comfortable, the sound system was spectacular, and the movie house per se was clean and very classy as to compare to SM City.

They will never again go back to SM City North Edsa for the movies because they could not even maintain a quality movie house even the prices of the tickets were pretty much the same with Trinoma and the customer service was just appalling.  Just wait until this complaint reaches QC Hall.