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I have heard about so many “modus” of taxi drivers.  Tampered meter, rejecting passengers, will request additional fee in the middle of the trip, hold-up, and the latest…”Spray”.

For those who don’t know, these evil drivers have spray with them.  I’ve no idea what the contents of this spray but it smelled like mint/vanilla that will make you (the passenger) feel groggy.  By the time your conscious, it’s either you’re in a different place, you’ve been dumped somewhere, all your stuff are gone, or anything much worse than the things I’ve mentioned.

I took a cab almost often.  I used an app called Grab Taxi.  This is a safe way to get a cab wherever you are and whatever the time of the day.  It has an additional fee of 50 to 70 pesos on top of the fare.  There are some days where booking fee is for free.

Last night, I was about to get a cab through Grab Taxi when I saw that the taxi queue has a long line of cabs in front of Centris Station in Quezon Avenue.  I told to myself that it’s probably safe to get a cab there so I didn’t use the app.

My friend and I were busy chatting when I heard a distinct sound of something being sprayed and smelled something vanilla-like.  I saw the driver wiping his face with a hand towel as if he was covering it.  In a few seconds, I can feel my legs and arms being numbed.  I asked the driver to stop the cab, he did and we took off.

I was so afraid.  The sad part was, I wasn’t able to get the details of the cab because of too much panic.  He might be lurking and looking for new victims.  I decided to write this blog to share to you guys out there to be very careful in riding a cab.  Please use Grab Taxi because it’s safer.  You get all the details of the driver including a picture.

I really hope that our Government will do something about this.  It is quite challenging how to apprehend this evil people because even if they were already caught by the police, they couldn’t get any evidence to put them on bars.