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I would say that I’m pretty much lucky living NEAR Maginhawa Street in Diliman Quezon City.  See the emphasis? Yep, I wouldn’t dread living IN Maginhawa street because it’s always busy, crowded, traffic, and can be noisy BUT I’m glad that I’m like five minutes away because I get to try almost all the restaurants they have (as they come and go)

Before it got crowded and filled with so many different restaurants (and even services), there were some first restaurants that are still standing.  One of them is Crazy Katsu.

Three or four years ago, Crazy Katsu is the first ever Japanese Restaurant along Maginhawa.  It’s pretty popular even up to now especially when they have decided to expand their place.  Here’s my take on it:

LOCATION: It’s along Maginhawa street meaning parking is very challenging.  I recommend to take a tricycle (or walk) for neighboring people but for visitors coming from other cities, leave your cars please.

PLACE: Now, it can accommodate like almost 15-20 customers (in and out)  It is air-conditioned.  Tables and chairs are made of wood and chairs don’t have backrest.

FOOD: Prices are very affordable.  Meals cost like P150 to P200++ As for the taste, I can say it justifies the price.

MY RECOMMENDATION: My favorite is their Pork Ginger It’s sweet and a little bit of spicy.  The dish is served with plain rice and their own version of coleslaw or mixed shredded vegetables.  My second favorite is Chicken Katsu It’s their specialty.  It’s kind of different with other fast-food Japanese restaurant because the plate contained of sauce (mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, chopped chili and onions) with shredded cabbage soaked in it.Then topped with strips of Breaded Chicken Fillet served with rice in a separate plate.  Make sure that the chicken fillet is cooked well, otherwise it’s going to be a meal gone wrong.

MY PERSONAL RATING: I give this place 3.5 at of 5 stars because they need to expand their menu a little more.  I think they only have 5 main dishes and one single appetizer (which is gyoza)

Service is prompt and personnel are courteous even if it’s packed.